Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photography : At Nature's Embrace







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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Its not often that you see a sky-diver jump from the helicopter into nowhere.. and surrounds himself with all sorts of wild 'n' weird situations just for the sake of Adventure..
This man of 33 is a Guiness Book of World Records' record holder as the youngest Britisher to climb the mount Everest.. why only focus on The Everesr?? Check out the episodes of the Man Vs. Wild in the discovery channel..
I bet you wont even touch the remote even during the commercial breaks.. 
If you dont know him it would seem thay I am a bit over-exxagerating about this young lad.. but once you see a single episode on the discovery you'll say "ohh..what an adventurer"...

This man is not a famous figure in India but, he has aquired both name and fame to proclaim, "Yess , I am the best adventurer"..
Bear has been an author too..  a few of his books are international bestsellers.. 

A man stuck in the amazonian reinforest... 
A man amidst the grumble of an erupting volcano.. 
A man on the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas.. 
A man rowing a raft from a mountain spring to the pacific..
A man he is the most adventurous.. 

I salute him and the world does it too...

For more details: b e a r g r y l l s . c o m

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bond..James Bond

Since 1962, 19 official James Bond films and 5 James Bonds have passed us by. Keeping track of who was James Bond when and in which movies can be a daunting task..
Though I have made an attempt.. lets find out if its worth a post..

Sir Sean Connery was the first James Bond. He appeared in 6 official James Bond films over a period of 9 years: 
  • Dr. No in 1962,
  • From Russia with Love in 1963,
  • Goldfinger in 1964,
  • Thunderball in 1965,
  • You Only Live Twice in 1967,
  • Diamonds Are Forever in 1971.
He also appeared in Never Say Never Again in 1983, a remake of Thunderball, but it is not considered an official James Bond film. 

The next James Bond to grace the silver screen was George Lazenby
He appeared in one film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, in 1969. 
For this film the producers couldn't get Connery, so they went on a major search. Lazenby, an Australian model with no prior acting experience, was the result. He had big shoes to fill coming right after Sean Connery, indeed even in the midst of Connery's Bond career.

Roger Moore became the next big James Bond. He appeared in 7 Bond films over a period of 12 years:
Live and Let Die in 1973 
  • The Man With The Golden Gun in 1974,
  • The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977,
  • Moonraker in 1979,
  • For Your Eyes Only in 1981,
  • Octupussy in 1983, and
  • View To a Kill in 1985.

After Moore retired, Timothy Dalton took over the role of James Bond. His career spanned 2 years and 2 films: 
  • The Living Daylights in 1987,
  • License To Kill in 1989.

After Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan took on the name of James Bond.. and screened 4 movies :
  • GoldenEye in 1995
  • Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997
  • The World is Not Enough in 1999
  • Die Another Day in 2002

The present and the newest James Bond is tagged to Daneil Craig, he has already apeared in 2 movies and we await more:
  • Casino Royale in 2006
  • Quantum of Solace in 2008

We await more action to come.. and more Bonds to say "I am Bond .. James Bond"

For More details on all the actors who played James Bond.. click here : BOND ENCYCLOPAEDIA 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the basic prerequisites for life is planning, strategising and these stuffs require ideas..Hence Ideation ..
Nowadays we have several catchy advertisements.. but among them a few is reasonable thoughtful and worth giving in some time to..
One of them says "An Idea Can Change Your Life".. very true indeed..

I question you.. Have you ever given ideation a thought?? Have you ever ideated??
But what to think about??
Be it anything make sure you think.. this boosts your imaginative self.. 
Though you're not awarded a Nobel Pize for Ideation but surely you will channelise your dreams into actions, plan your life for the good, survive a bitter change.. or rather initiate a change..

My Ideations : 
  •  To think beyond the apparant truth,
  •  Innovation of a new kind of a technology,
  •  Stabling career and life,
  •  Withstanding breakups,
  •  New vistas for motionless...
and many more.. the list goes on..

I am sure these overpaid management students are greatly skilled specially here.. Innovation can bring in a change in the society and hence the world and finally in the your lives..
No more jabbering.. start thinking..

Dont just think but IDEATE..

Note : In this post I ideated about Ideation..

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Its not the days when you would see a large carry bag carrying the camera, the zoom lenses and the flash gun.. You will see what is a miniature prodigy..
Brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon all plunged into a staunch shimmer of technology which demanded miniaturisation .. be it the camera or the world.. Believe me you can find watch cameras even..
Not a big deal though.. but lemme get into the details of photography NOW and THEN..

Early Box Cameras : Well these were gigantic.. portable but to the carrybags disgrace..
these had a large filmroll.. on which the snaps got captured. These could be called as BOGBOYS of photography..
Notions really seem "eeeeewww!!!" when you compare the modern digicams with these box cameras.. 

Middle Age SLR Cameras : These were on a high during the later 70s - mid 90s.. pretty light, with lotsa new features like shutter speed, shutter lock, B-Setting photography(amateurs might find it a bit hard to digest)..
These used a smaller filmroll which can take more than one snap as it gets exposed by the light captured by the camera.. and hence the snap gets locked in these films..
To a lazy modern photographer - These cameras demand much more skill than it takes to just click on your so called digicams..

Modern Day Digital Cameras : These are the most trendy, and statistics say you will find one with every fourth person in India and every second person in the US..
The concept of digital cameras is also used in the cell phones these days.. they are doing great I suppose.. you might even find one on your watch after 5 years or so..
The basic benefit to a common man with the digicams are that you can preview the snap..

All written here to the reader's ecstasy, whom I assume to be a camera illiterate, knows nothing more than just clicking..
More details can be obtained about generations of cameras here : The Camera Site

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