Saturday, November 22, 2008


Its not often that you see a sky-diver jump from the helicopter into nowhere.. and surrounds himself with all sorts of wild 'n' weird situations just for the sake of Adventure..
This man of 33 is a Guiness Book of World Records' record holder as the youngest Britisher to climb the mount Everest.. why only focus on The Everesr?? Check out the episodes of the Man Vs. Wild in the discovery channel..
I bet you wont even touch the remote even during the commercial breaks.. 
If you dont know him it would seem thay I am a bit over-exxagerating about this young lad.. but once you see a single episode on the discovery you'll say "ohh..what an adventurer"...

This man is not a famous figure in India but, he has aquired both name and fame to proclaim, "Yess , I am the best adventurer"..
Bear has been an author too..  a few of his books are international bestsellers.. 

A man stuck in the amazonian reinforest... 
A man amidst the grumble of an erupting volcano.. 
A man on the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas.. 
A man rowing a raft from a mountain spring to the pacific..
A man he is the most adventurous.. 

I salute him and the world does it too...

For more details: b e a r g r y l l s . c o m

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bond..James Bond

Since 1962, 19 official James Bond films and 5 James Bonds have passed us by. Keeping track of who was James Bond when and in which movies can be a daunting task..
Though I have made an attempt.. lets find out if its worth a post..

Sir Sean Connery was the first James Bond. He appeared in 6 official James Bond films over a period of 9 years: 
  • Dr. No in 1962,
  • From Russia with Love in 1963,
  • Goldfinger in 1964,
  • Thunderball in 1965,
  • You Only Live Twice in 1967,
  • Diamonds Are Forever in 1971.
He also appeared in Never Say Never Again in 1983, a remake of Thunderball, but it is not considered an official James Bond film. 

The next James Bond to grace the silver screen was George Lazenby
He appeared in one film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, in 1969. 
For this film the producers couldn't get Connery, so they went on a major search. Lazenby, an Australian model with no prior acting experience, was the result. He had big shoes to fill coming right after Sean Connery, indeed even in the midst of Connery's Bond career.

Roger Moore became the next big James Bond. He appeared in 7 Bond films over a period of 12 years:
Live and Let Die in 1973 
  • The Man With The Golden Gun in 1974,
  • The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977,
  • Moonraker in 1979,
  • For Your Eyes Only in 1981,
  • Octupussy in 1983, and
  • View To a Kill in 1985.

After Moore retired, Timothy Dalton took over the role of James Bond. His career spanned 2 years and 2 films: 
  • The Living Daylights in 1987,
  • License To Kill in 1989.

After Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan took on the name of James Bond.. and screened 4 movies :
  • GoldenEye in 1995
  • Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997
  • The World is Not Enough in 1999
  • Die Another Day in 2002

The present and the newest James Bond is tagged to Daneil Craig, he has already apeared in 2 movies and we await more:
  • Casino Royale in 2006
  • Quantum of Solace in 2008

We await more action to come.. and more Bonds to say "I am Bond .. James Bond"

For More details on all the actors who played James Bond.. click here : BOND ENCYCLOPAEDIA 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the basic prerequisites for life is planning, strategising and these stuffs require ideas..Hence Ideation ..
Nowadays we have several catchy advertisements.. but among them a few is reasonable thoughtful and worth giving in some time to..
One of them says "An Idea Can Change Your Life".. very true indeed..

I question you.. Have you ever given ideation a thought?? Have you ever ideated??
But what to think about??
Be it anything make sure you think.. this boosts your imaginative self.. 
Though you're not awarded a Nobel Pize for Ideation but surely you will channelise your dreams into actions, plan your life for the good, survive a bitter change.. or rather initiate a change..

My Ideations : 
  •  To think beyond the apparant truth,
  •  Innovation of a new kind of a technology,
  •  Stabling career and life,
  •  Withstanding breakups,
  •  New vistas for motionless...
and many more.. the list goes on..

I am sure these overpaid management students are greatly skilled specially here.. Innovation can bring in a change in the society and hence the world and finally in the your lives..
No more jabbering.. start thinking..

Dont just think but IDEATE..

Note : In this post I ideated about Ideation..

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Its not the days when you would see a large carry bag carrying the camera, the zoom lenses and the flash gun.. You will see what is a miniature prodigy..
Brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon all plunged into a staunch shimmer of technology which demanded miniaturisation .. be it the camera or the world.. Believe me you can find watch cameras even..
Not a big deal though.. but lemme get into the details of photography NOW and THEN..

Early Box Cameras : Well these were gigantic.. portable but to the carrybags disgrace..
these had a large filmroll.. on which the snaps got captured. These could be called as BOGBOYS of photography..
Notions really seem "eeeeewww!!!" when you compare the modern digicams with these box cameras.. 

Middle Age SLR Cameras : These were on a high during the later 70s - mid 90s.. pretty light, with lotsa new features like shutter speed, shutter lock, B-Setting photography(amateurs might find it a bit hard to digest)..
These used a smaller filmroll which can take more than one snap as it gets exposed by the light captured by the camera.. and hence the snap gets locked in these films..
To a lazy modern photographer - These cameras demand much more skill than it takes to just click on your so called digicams..

Modern Day Digital Cameras : These are the most trendy, and statistics say you will find one with every fourth person in India and every second person in the US..
The concept of digital cameras is also used in the cell phones these days.. they are doing great I suppose.. you might even find one on your watch after 5 years or so..
The basic benefit to a common man with the digicams are that you can preview the snap..

All written here to the reader's ecstasy, whom I assume to be a camera illiterate, knows nothing more than just clicking..
More details can be obtained about generations of cameras here : The Camera Site

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           OBAMA | OSAMA | G.BUSH

The three muskettiers as I call them, or u might as well.... US the name justifies all in itself.. a resounding power, be it individual venture or conglomeration with other subtle powers of the erroneous globe..

Baking behind, The Bush of Osama's beard..
Obama scratches his bald moon.. 

Another new US Lord, a dark one this time, among the hippies and immigrants from elsewhere carve there asses on this weirdland, which is a dreamland for people like us.. maybe its the Limo that magnifies the US aura.. 
Shall we call him the Dark Lord of US.. ??
We should'nt..

A successor of Bush in the kingdom which comprises, of the world as a whole.. except the hideouts of Osama the secondary and the figurative Dark Lord..
Basically it would be a fight between the figurative and the literal Dark Lords..if there is any fight at all.. 
After the 09/11 WTC massacre the US army seemed to have been searching for Osama as a hungry puppy hunts its mother.. not a serious effort at all.. just a few test displays of the F16-falcon and B2-bomber over the taliban land.. and very likely the US did'nt go back empty handed.. they had gripped Saddam as a consolation prize..
Less said is better..

What are Obama's plans..?? Does he dare to spend even a minute with the thought of Osama Bin Laden .. the croocked 'Hunter'.. 

Bush failed , Osama won!!

Now what ??
Obama wins, Osama loses/wins??
Obama loses, Osama wins/loses??

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prachi Desai Vs Genelia D'souza

Not going into the details of the two blockbusters of the bollywood in 2008 namely "Rock On!!!" and "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na"..
I hit the bulls-eye.. which lie somewhere near the budding cute dolls of the Indian movie-makers domain.. Well suggest me.. what made the directors click on these options..??

What was the 'material' that attracted the directors??  Was it the same old sex-appeal from the era when Helen performed hip-hops in front of certain turkish oil merchants dressed in a bikini.. or was it Mandakini bathing in a fountain in a white transluscent saree.. is it topsy-turvy now and then??

Nothing much to say about the critics of hindi movies these days.. it can be said that kajol , rani and other hot opts of the hindi directors composed what is known as the bygone era.. and its the youth who is taking on the domain's extravaganza on themselves..

Prachi hit the floor as an underestimated actress before her plunge into the world of the 70mm from small screen soaps.. the heat of Rock On!!! did win her many hearts..
A beautiful, caring sometimes weird kinda wife moved a million onto her note .. not a sub she, hit the main role..
What to say more.. she is one of her kind..

Genelia.. mostly in focus after JTYJN.. is termed as ^one of the sweetest chicks bollywood has ever produced^.. not to anyone's surprised she too did a wonderful job with a million $ smile that made heart sloppy as bangladeshi cricket team on the field facing australia..
Boxing her dialogues accross she could win a debate.. but to my wonder she worked on hearts.. not beautiful or hot.. but she could be termed sweet.. 

What else? Now something serious.. 
Prachi Vs Genelia.. well let it be like this.. Shakshi Vs Aditi.. 

  • Shakshi proved to be an understanding wife.. Aditi was a crazy pot girlfriend in the making..
  • Shakshi never complained of Aditya Shroff's(Farhaan Akhtar) past relationships.. Aditi kept complaining when she was the one to hang Jai(Imran Khan) with another gal..
  • Shakshi cared for Aditya's happiness and brought back his happening 'n' happy life with his friends ... Aditi tried to bring out the violent nature from Jai's within.

That's not all.. I can coin many more of the same.. 

Prachi Desai a.k.a Shakshi is my pick.. maybe Genelia is yours.. 

Note : This post requires you to have seen the movies Rock On!!! and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na to cope with the post and judge it from your own perspective..

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A bad guy in Love with Hatred..

I try to begin with a few lines of mine own..

I love I love I love..
Lost my heart to some soul..
I hate I hate I hate..
That she hates me even more..

That's what the bad,evil ragamuffin(As you would call him) felt..
Dont get too much swayed by the description i gave, obviously I am stopping you from the sypathetic feeling.. he was indeed a malevolent creep with a stony heart and a bitter soul.. lemme tell you he deserved more hatred than love..
Meagre thoughts crept in his pot.. He felt..

Notions were no more notions all was a real void as if he was kinda plunged in within the cruel Caesar's legion.. Life was ecstatic at a point but now he was pounded down with abominations..
Basics were clear though.. he lost all the cogency to reach the pinnacle of his waited love.. Mighty he was, not in thought but in the feelings that he called Love..
Believe me he Loved..

No one understood him, all mistook him to be a maniac, and was subjected to what you would otherwise call public ignominy.
He was no insane with a sick sense of humor.. what he lacked was himself when he thought of his love.. he would think everytime he would breathe..

A living carcass was no worse than a himself.. Yet he felt..

Was he right?? Its upto you to answer.. do leave me comments with the answer...

P.S. - Recently I am growing a habbit of throwing you questions..My motive is sane enough to arrest your present bent of mind through your answers..

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Death - An Eternal Evolution

The most fearsome existence among all living beings is death.. How far have you ever given a thought to this subtle reality??

Once a while I was sitting on my couch with a packet of chips in-front of my television watching Saving Private Ryan, a movie by Steven Spielberg.. 
It showed some heavy firing scenes with people dying in seconds...some struck by a bullet in the head some in the heart.
There was a scene in which a soldier unwore his helmet for a while and the next moment he was shot and dead on the spot..Although I was pretty much engrossed in it to find my favourite hero Hanks, overlooking all the undergoings of the bitter war..but that scene caught me big-
I was kinda shocked for a few seconds.. and then I started thinking.. I put the TV off and started thinking that "how uncertain a life is.."

I thought that what if I have to die too.. then at the same moment I thought that "Yess, I have to die too"... and believe me this thought in itself was dangerous enough to give me wohsebums and I was damn frightened..

But what about the people who are experiencing it..?? What is the pain they exactly face?? What happens after death??

The last question is the most controversial :
  • Some say people go to heaven or hell according to his deeds.
  • Some say people go to an unknown land which is similar to this mortal earth.
  • Some say they are reborn as different individuals.

I think life is just a dream, (as dreams are supposed to be beautiful, our life is similarly beautiful..)
Moreover on the existence of death I would comment that its an awakening on the bed of a different void eternity..

I would suggest fear death and stay safe..

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pin : An Autobiography

Well let me introduce myself.. I belong to the fraternity of the most sharp pointed objects you may ever find around you.. Beware I can hurt you red!!
"Love me or hate me.. You need me".. besides envying the invention of staplers, I'm overjoyed that I owe the ecstasy of not being bent round my extremes..
A blog doesn't use any of me.. but go to any govt. office you will find me clung to the magnetic poles of the pin stand,.. phew they atleast created a pin stand to hang me.. before pounding my ass into some paper chuncks...
I amnt brittle.. that doesnt mean I am elastic either.. 

Besides thinking positive what if you were a PINOMANIAC.. though this disease doesnt exist but what if it did.. jotting down the consequences, you'll see these :
  •  A subject topic in medical psychiatric science..
  •  Pin stands rather pins absent from a victim's study..
  •  My rival stapplers being used..
  •  etc etc etc..

Solicited mostly I lie in agony of not getting noticed or used.. gradually the agony might turn into vengeance and I end up hurting you..
A lover once said that,"I feel as if pricked by pins by your words"... I wish not to be used in such issues atleast.. I have a better life altogether..
To my agony and this blog owners' ecstasy I was once made to penetrate to a guys fleshy butt.. and yuck I was all red..
That's all about me.. That was more like a soliloqui in the shakesperean plays..

To the readers' acrimony.."Don't be too engrossed in life..that I endup hurting you to wake you up from your broken dreams.."

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Tom Hanks.. The Lord..

He is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks... I prefer Tom..Tom Hanks(analogous to Forrest..Forrest Gump),
A misnomer as an actor, he is more than a stupefying icon of what this world is all about.. By soul or by sole he has been simply "The Outstanding Revolutionist".. Nothing "CHE" though.. 
But his humane touch mesmerizes.. 

Befuddled with the basics of a kid.. he can uproot u from you from your seat with some damn serious stuffs..
You can know him but you can never "NO" him.. 

Here I present a few lines for my God..

Forever you live, in our souls..
Forever you grow lead us to newer goals,
May your heart be ever contented,
May your actions & thoughts be well presented..
Hail Hanks!!

For the list of his work in the industry click here:  Tom Hanks' Career

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is it all about??
A dating site, a book-selling site or is it a spam??

You'll know in minutes..

First tell me,
What suffices you the most?
Money?? Girls?? Lavish granduer?? or Just a profound Satisfaction??

I think none..

For me its something known as "EXISTENCE".. all that is needed for the block letters written are important for me and I guess you too.. 
You agree??
I can see you nodding a negative head..
Are you kinda tired of the futility of your life.. then lemme tell you.. start LOVING yourself..
Do every single thing ranging from photography to pornography that keeps you happy..
Think for yourself.. your life..

Ask yourself a simple yet a question that can stumble you over your conscience..
" Are you happy?? "
If Yes.. then great..(then you might not read this post.. there are others waiting for u)
If No.. then why??
First answer yourself.. 

If you fail I am there a novice realisation to answer you.. U can mail me with your problems.. take me as a friend.. or your voice to yourself..(*leave me a scrap in my Orkut Scrapbook)


Note: This is not a profit-making company..

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Monday, November 3, 2008

A baby of an insane land..

6th day of august in somewhat later 80's was a gloomy day,
Outside the maternity ward when they were seated speaking on mundane issues like, "It will be a boy".. a croaking cry was heard..
Doctors said,"Lucky lady .. with a son".. I don't understand what's the problem with a daughter..??
Issues weren't so firm as the belief that the ex-pregnant lady will have son.
People exchanged overjoyed looks..
"What's there in them.. that we lack..".. an undertone.
"Its her issue.. and the innocent smiling face"..

A million dollar answer, for which not a dollar is gonna be paid.,
A smile from a baby can be refreshing, can be cajoling, can be paraphrased into insanity(though this is debatable)..
Innocence has: not a caste and not a cost..
Few filthy minds tighten the chains that an individual is born with.. be it religion, be it class.. 
Neither the proud womb felt it that way.. nor would she say,"I grow a hindu"..

While the whole focus should have been on the innocence, on the purity.. everyone overlooks the baby and his mini-claws to hold on to something which he feels his own,something that may give him the cozy feeling to be with
None to look behind the helpless eyes which says .. love me..kiss me..

Rest is left on you to decipher..

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Breakup.. An Inevitable Truth

"Love u sweetheart.. u r my honey.. my everything.. my life.. " , yes they are grey.

Had u been in love u could have understood.. what i meant.. these are all the pseudo authentic facts of a normal lovelife.. In the early phases when a man fetches a gal's knuckles to kiss it.. does he ever think that the same knuckles may punch him off his life...

Here I'll tell you a story about what the consequences can be after a so called official breakup with the one u you promised to spend the entire life with.. Don't you be ever get cajoled to believe that this is your story or it might ever be yours either..

Here I go..

"muaahzz... luv ya sweetheart... good morning.." ... he said.
"Luv u too baby.." .. she said.

This is how each day began and then by hook or by crook everything started turning into a bizarre.. Finally one day.. nothing different from others brings in dark clouds over what seemed to be the strongest and the most priceless possessions..

It was the LAST STRAW and nothing went right after that.. The then baby was furious with her life as she termed it.. and all undying love oaths seemed nothing but fake..
She had enough of her baby's ways.. and now serious to get rid of him.. He was a good guy…a great guy even…he cared deeply and loved her…and she knew it too… but that wasn't her problem.  She was sick of feeling unappreciated… and he just didn't know what would make her happy anymore.

And this was the end of them…forever… 
As it is the end of so many relationships…

What if it didn't have to be..? What if he could peep into her mind..??
Even if you feel for them right now that their situation is too far gone…too screwed up …or just plain too darn complicated?

What about the consequences..Huh??

  • Probably in a great deal of heart ache and pain.. 
  • It is hard to just even wake up and roll out of bed in the morning without hearing his voice.. without uttering the word 'LOVE' even once.. without checking your cell phone for texts..
  • Its even hard to listen to the radio.. with romantic songs making u remember your days..
  • Tears roll down..
  • Can't even bear to eat at the same restaurants.. the seat beside u bore someone before.. and she is no more.. this is fanatically choking..
  • And if that isn't bad enough, you have to cope with the loss of friends and family that are on "their side"...


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