Saturday, November 22, 2008


Its not often that you see a sky-diver jump from the helicopter into nowhere.. and surrounds himself with all sorts of wild 'n' weird situations just for the sake of Adventure..
This man of 33 is a Guiness Book of World Records' record holder as the youngest Britisher to climb the mount Everest.. why only focus on The Everesr?? Check out the episodes of the Man Vs. Wild in the discovery channel..
I bet you wont even touch the remote even during the commercial breaks.. 
If you dont know him it would seem thay I am a bit over-exxagerating about this young lad.. but once you see a single episode on the discovery you'll say "ohh..what an adventurer"...

This man is not a famous figure in India but, he has aquired both name and fame to proclaim, "Yess , I am the best adventurer"..
Bear has been an author too..  a few of his books are international bestsellers.. 

A man stuck in the amazonian reinforest... 
A man amidst the grumble of an erupting volcano.. 
A man on the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas.. 
A man rowing a raft from a mountain spring to the pacific..
A man he is the most adventurous.. 

I salute him and the world does it too...

For more details: b e a r g r y l l s . c o m

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