Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the basic prerequisites for life is planning, strategising and these stuffs require ideas..Hence Ideation ..
Nowadays we have several catchy advertisements.. but among them a few is reasonable thoughtful and worth giving in some time to..
One of them says "An Idea Can Change Your Life".. very true indeed..

I question you.. Have you ever given ideation a thought?? Have you ever ideated??
But what to think about??
Be it anything make sure you think.. this boosts your imaginative self.. 
Though you're not awarded a Nobel Pize for Ideation but surely you will channelise your dreams into actions, plan your life for the good, survive a bitter change.. or rather initiate a change..

My Ideations : 
  •  To think beyond the apparant truth,
  •  Innovation of a new kind of a technology,
  •  Stabling career and life,
  •  Withstanding breakups,
  •  New vistas for motionless...
and many more.. the list goes on..

I am sure these overpaid management students are greatly skilled specially here.. Innovation can bring in a change in the society and hence the world and finally in the your lives..
No more jabbering.. start thinking..

Dont just think but IDEATE..

Note : In this post I ideated about Ideation..


arnab_unreal said...

i was thinking actually... what to comment on your previous post!!! :)

nice idea!!! it seems u think a lot... :)

Saikat Banerjee ~ Cursed With Life said...

yeah i do..
tackling life isnt an easy task.. :P