Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Its not the days when you would see a large carry bag carrying the camera, the zoom lenses and the flash gun.. You will see what is a miniature prodigy..
Brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon all plunged into a staunch shimmer of technology which demanded miniaturisation .. be it the camera or the world.. Believe me you can find watch cameras even..
Not a big deal though.. but lemme get into the details of photography NOW and THEN..

Early Box Cameras : Well these were gigantic.. portable but to the carrybags disgrace..
these had a large filmroll.. on which the snaps got captured. These could be called as BOGBOYS of photography..
Notions really seem "eeeeewww!!!" when you compare the modern digicams with these box cameras.. 

Middle Age SLR Cameras : These were on a high during the later 70s - mid 90s.. pretty light, with lotsa new features like shutter speed, shutter lock, B-Setting photography(amateurs might find it a bit hard to digest)..
These used a smaller filmroll which can take more than one snap as it gets exposed by the light captured by the camera.. and hence the snap gets locked in these films..
To a lazy modern photographer - These cameras demand much more skill than it takes to just click on your so called digicams..

Modern Day Digital Cameras : These are the most trendy, and statistics say you will find one with every fourth person in India and every second person in the US..
The concept of digital cameras is also used in the cell phones these days.. they are doing great I suppose.. you might even find one on your watch after 5 years or so..
The basic benefit to a common man with the digicams are that you can preview the snap..

All written here to the reader's ecstasy, whom I assume to be a camera illiterate, knows nothing more than just clicking..
More details can be obtained about generations of cameras here : The Camera Site

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